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The benefits of mentoring are many and as diverse as the people who become involved. Clearly those who have involved themselves report that like other forms of volunteerism, there are benefits to those being mentored as well as to the mentor themselves.

For Mentees

  1. Development of a relationship that fosters guidance and support for an extended period of time
  2. An increase in self-confidence and self esteem
  3. Provision of encouragement to go further, take risks, set goals, and work toward concrete plans
  4. Provision of a forum or outlet for exchange of ideas, plans and goals
  5. Provides a friend and forum to express fears, expectations, challenges and hopes in a non-judgmental relationship
  6. Provides access to real world skills by people who have experienced similar challenges in life and or work environments

For Mentors

  1. Provides an opportunity to develop teaching, coaching and leadership skills
  2. Creates new networks for their own personal or professional development
  3. Provides a forum to develop new talents and broaden base of skills
  4. Develops a sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing you have helped another person
  5. Encourages personal growth, confidence and maturity
  6. Can provide opportunities for professional development and advancement

For Organizations

  1. Has been shown to increase employee satisfaction and retention
  2. Has resulted in improved employee job performance and well trained staff
  3. Creates a professional and positive image and work environment for staff, clients, volunteers and other stakeholders
  4. Builds diversity and broadens scope of participation
  5. Assist in building networks and opening opportunities for potential partnerships and allies
  6. Encourages skill building in employees and often reduces conflict

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